Crafties are baked in the blast furnace without any fat. This creates the airy dough that is particularly “pleasant” to eat.


    It is important to us to obtain as many raw materials as possible from the region. We pay particular attention to quality.


    Because cafties are baked in a high oven, we don't need any fat for the production. This saves unnecessary calories!

How are crafties made?

The production of our "Crafties" starts with kneading a dough from potato flakes, water and salt. The flavoring ingredients are then worked directly into the dough without spraying, as is the case with conventional snacks. After the dough has been rolled out to a wafer-thin consistency and shaped into round dough pieces by hand, they are baked in the convection oven for about 10 minutes. Finally, the "Crafties" are dried in the oven overnight and filled into cans by hand the following day.

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